Savory Cranberry Grilled Cheese

My friends @glaciers_end recently provided me with some Cranberry Savory Chutney for my kitchen "playtime." 🙂 I have some other ideas for recipes, but I've discovered that you can make a quick and satisfying grilled cheese with it. I just used white sandwich bread with a little mayo on the outside of the slices. Inside, … Continue reading Savory Cranberry Grilled Cheese

Walk Through a Beautiful Display of American Flags The video link is above. If you can make it to Carterville on Memorial Day, it's worth the drive to Cannon Park to see the beautiful American flags on display. It is very sobering to walk through the flag-lined path and read the names of past and present persons in the military. It is … Continue reading Walk Through a Beautiful Display of American Flags

Farmer’s Market Finds

As you've likely heard before, farmer's markets are a great local shopping adventure. Some are practically one stop for your grocery needs. Even in winter months, the Carbobdale area is blessed to have a couple of farmer's market options. The Community Farmer's Market is open December through March from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on … Continue reading Farmer’s Market Finds

DIY Thoughtful and Unique Advent Calendar

National News has been dropping hints that merchandise may run out before Christmas. Only time will tell if that comes to pass. If commercial items become scarce, perhaps shopping local can help a bit. Regardless, you can still put together your own Advent calendar with local treats and experiences. It doesn't even have to be … Continue reading DIY Thoughtful and Unique Advent Calendar

So NOT Pumpkin Spice…

Fall is that magical time of year when pumpkin-spice everything appears long before the leaves even start changing colors. That's wonderful for those who like it, but maybe not so much for those who prefer apple cinnamon or mulled cider. In fact, some people may think pumpkins are pretty or cute but are not at … Continue reading So NOT Pumpkin Spice…

Changing Seasons

November is here. There is (sometimes) a chill in the air. People have been covering and bringing in plants in hopes of keeping them alive. Many leaves are changing colors and falling to the ground like yellow, green, brown, orange, and red confetti. We are in the midst of football and marching band weather. Above: … Continue reading Changing Seasons

A Summer Like No Other

As some may have noticed, my last post was at the beginning of summer, right before Memorial Day Weekend. It is now after Labor Day, and summer is gone... Fall is here (even if we can't always tell that it is by the weather.) On June 26, I fell in my bathroom, breaking a mirror … Continue reading A Summer Like No Other

Straight from the Patch

Strawberry season has arrived in Southern Illinois. Blueberries, lavender, and other fresh edible treats will soon follow. Peonies are blooming, and Zinnia and sunflower fields will likely be ready in the future months for gorgeous bouquets. Don't forget that there is even a gourmet mushroom farm. As a kid, my parents took us to pick … Continue reading Straight from the Patch

A Tradition of Serving Continues

Since approximatelty 2017, #ServeSoILL has been an annually anticipated event by Cornerstone Church of Southern Illinois. The church's Western Kentucky campus has now joined the fun. Of course 2020 was the exception due to COVID-19 precautions, but #ServeSoILL 2021 returned strong.   Hundreds of volunteers worked at sites throughout Southern Illinois and Western Kentucky on May … Continue reading A Tradition of Serving Continues

Fill Those Baskets

Spring has finally made its appearance, and Easter is fast-approaching. We've all heard that as one door closes, another opens. This also holds true for Carbondale Farmer's markets. There are TWO happening this Saturday. March 27 from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Saturday is also the last Carbondale Community Farmer's Market of the winter/indoor market … Continue reading Fill Those Baskets