Savory Cranberry Grilled Cheese

My friends @glaciers_end recently provided me with some Cranberry Savory Chutney for my kitchen "playtime." 🙂 I have some other ideas for recipes, but I've discovered that you can make a quick and satisfying grilled cheese with it. I just used white sandwich bread with a little mayo on the outside of the slices. Inside, … Continue reading Savory Cranberry Grilled Cheese

Shrub Tasting

No, I wasn't out chomping on landscape. Instead, I tried The Burning Bushes Shrub, one of the drinking vinegars, from Glacier's End. I purchased some earlier in the season from them at The Marion Farmer's Market. I had tried earlier in the year to get some at the Winter Farmer's Market (Carbondale Community Farmer's Market) … Continue reading Shrub Tasting