Please Give Your Input-Vote in the Reader’s Choice Awards

Good morning!

It’s time again for the Southern Illinoisan’s Reader’s Choice Awards. Please make sure to support your favorite local businesses, services, and entertainment.

A Slice of Southern Illinois would also appreciate your vote for “Best Local Website” in the Entertainment category. (We would put the app in the Service category, but it isn’t an option…) Please use the write in option if the website is not listed. We were honored to be named Runner Up in 2018 and Honorable Mention in 2019.

Whether you have lived here forever or hope to visit our corner of the world, we appreciate you all so much! We enjoy being able to share information, events, recipes, and even some DIY about this beautiful region. Hopefully, we are also helping Southern Illinois locally-owned businesses get the word out to the world about what they have to offer!

Thank you!

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