Happy Earth Day!

It's that time again... Earth Day is that day set aside each year to reflect upon God's beautiful creation and how we can be better stewards of it. Earth Day was introduced to the U.S. in 1970 by Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson. It followed a large oil spill in 1969 and national concerns about air … Continue reading Happy Earth Day!

Farmer’s Market Finds

As you've likely heard before, farmer's markets are a great local shopping adventure. Some are practically one stop for your grocery needs. Even in winter months, the Carbobdale area is blessed to have a couple of farmer's market options. The Community Farmer's Market is open December through March from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on … Continue reading Farmer’s Market Finds

Snow Days

If you were in Southern Illinois earlier this week, as temperatures actually hit 60 degrees Fahrenheit in some spots, you may have noticed grocery store shelves start to empty. Once the forecast indicated a wintry mix was coming, storm panic hit. People began planning large meals of French toast and meat. Well, maybe not, but … Continue reading Snow Days

It’s That Time Again…

It's time again for the Southern Illinoisan's Reader's Choice Awards. Please make sure to support your favorite Southern Illinois businesses, services, and entertainment. A Slice of Southern Illinois would also appreciate your vote for "Best Local Website" in the Entertainment category. Please use the write in option if the website is not already listed on … Continue reading It’s That Time Again…

Watch “Christmas Eve Eve 2020: The One with the Last Minute Christmas Decor, Frugal and Dollar Tree DIY,…” on YouTube Check out clips from Christmas Light displays, local food, and more. Marion, Herrin, and Makanda areas are featured. There are also frugal DIY projects for home, outdoor, and the Christmas Tree. Grab a cup of hot cocoa or your beverage of choice and enjoy!

DIY Thoughtful and Unique Advent Calendar

National News has been dropping hints that merchandise may run out before Christmas. Only time will tell if that comes to pass. If commercial items become scarce, perhaps shopping local can help a bit. Regardless, you can still put together your own Advent calendar with local treats and experiences. It doesn't even have to be … Continue reading DIY Thoughtful and Unique Advent Calendar

So NOT Pumpkin Spice…

Fall is that magical time of year when pumpkin-spice everything appears long before the leaves even start changing colors. That's wonderful for those who like it, but maybe not so much for those who prefer apple cinnamon or mulled cider. In fact, some people may think pumpkins are pretty or cute but are not at … Continue reading So NOT Pumpkin Spice…