Farmer’s Market Finds

As you’ve likely heard before, farmer’s markets are a great local shopping adventure. Some are practically one stop for your grocery needs. Even in winter months, the Carbobdale area is blessed to have a couple of farmer’s market options. The Community Farmer’s Market is open December through March from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on the movie theater wing of the University Mall at Carbobdale. L.E.A.F. Food Hub is an online farmer’s market with pick up locations in Carbondale, DuQuoin, Carterville, Marion, Herrin, Cobden, and Tunnel Hill. Some home delivery is available.


Carbondale Community Farmer’s Market

Herbal Teas by Mustard Seed Sowers. My favorite is the Holy Basil. Licorice Mint is also good. My daughter loves the Chocolate Mint.

Honey & Shrooms has local honey and beeswax.

Glacier’s End has many wonderful shrubs and products like hickory and elderberry syrups. The Mexican Mocha Hot Sauce is wonderful. Cordials such as their Honeysuckle are great additions to drinks.

Honeysuckle Cordial complements the flavors in a homemade sparkling raspberry spritzer.
A large variety of bison products are available.

If you have SNAP/Link, it can be used to double your buying power on eligible food products at the Farmer’s Market

If you have stayed away from Farmer’s Markets because you are concerned about prices, I can tell you that there are various price points. Some gourmet local items may run a bit more than you would spend but can be used sparingly to add flare to your dishes. Many things really don’t seem any higher than national chain store prices. For example, I actually paid less for cube steak at the Farmer’s Market than I would have paid at the larger chain store. Actually, there was a better variety of meat available at the farmers market than at the chain store . Please keep in mind that if you can’t find something on bare shelves at a larger store, you might find an even better local product through one of the local markets or stores.

Flyway Family Farms has a great variety of mushrooms like shiitake, oyster, and lion’s mane. They also have seasonings and Mushroom Jerky.

Warm potato and green bean salad made with a vinaigrette containing Glacier’s End’s Apple Butter Ginger Shrub. The Shrub helped to add a bit of acidity to the vinaigrette while echoing the freshly grated ginger root.

Gallo Pinto (Costa Rica’s national breakfast dish) made with brown rice by Cahokia Rice. They also have white rice. Both are available through L.E.A.F. Food Hub.

Baked Vegetable “Stir Fry” with shiitaki mushrooms from Flyway Family Farms.

Marinated shiitaki mushrooms (Flyway Family Farm) and chicken kabobs on Rosemary BBQ Skewers from Flora Bay Farm

Carbondale Community Farmer’s Market

L.E.A.F. Food Hub goodies delivered to our home.


Watermelon radish from River to River Farm and Basil Microgreens from Autumn Ridge Farm kick this salsa garnish up a bit. Both were ordered through L.E.A.F. Food Hub.

Big Muddy Hogs in Hurst also carries many local items, such as bread from Baked on Division and Steam Shovel Coffee. They are located at 300 Adams Street. Many of the local farms and vendors give product updates and advise where you may find their products on Facebook and Instagram.


Big Muddy Hogs

Carbondale Community Farmer’s Market

L.E.A.F. Food Hub

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