So NOT Pumpkin Spice…

Fall is that magical time of year when pumpkin-spice everything appears long before the leaves even start changing colors. That’s wonderful for those who like it, but maybe not so much for those who prefer apple cinnamon or mulled cider.

In fact, some people may think pumpkins are pretty or cute but are not at all fond of the taste. If you are one of those people, (or would just like some fall food that’ s not fall-flavored,) this is for you.

This pumpkin can be pretty much whatever flavor you prefer it to be. It is also super simple. Of course, you are welcome to make it harder, but it isn’t necessary.

Start by using whatever cheeseball recipe you want, or even revamp a pre-made cheeseball. (It’s OK to do the semi-homemade thing-I won’t tell…)

Shape it like a pumpkin, or at least an imperfectly round sphere. It helps to work on a non-stick surface like waxed paper. Crush up some of the crackers shaped like goldfish in your flavor preference. Choose crackers in the color you want for your pumpkin as they will coat it and provide color. In the photo, I used a cheddar variety. The easiest way to crush them is a food processor or put them in a zip locking bag and pulverize them with a rolling pin or hammer.

Next, carefully press the cracker crumbs/powder onto the cheeseball to coat it. If you are using a pre-made one, you may need to first scrape off the nuts or herbs that could prevent crubs from sticking. Alternatively, add a layer of cream cheese or a soft spreadable cheese to act as “glue” for the crumbs. Be creative and keep flavor in mind. Maybe you could combine a soft goat cheese with some cream cheese or a cheddar spread. You do you.

Your finishing touch is the stem. In the photo, I used a stick pretzel. Use what you have that mimics a pumpkin stem. Part of a cracker could work as well.

Place your So NOT Pumpkin Spice Cheeseball on a platter and surround it with crackers or other dippable options, like fresh veggies. Enjoy!

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