Game Changer: Baked Rice

Game changer. Life changing. Food hack. Thing that makes life a bit easier. These all describe my feelings about learning that I could bake Rice. It can even be baked ahead in bulk and frozen or refrigerated for later use! That is a tremendous help for times that you want real food but don't have … Continue reading Game Changer: Baked Rice

Horchata, Anyone?

Horchata… I originally published this post almost a decade ago (2011) on my culinary stewardship blog. No, it isn't cold here in Southern Illinois as it was when I originally posted, but it is almost Cinco de Mayo.While most of us are familiar with horchata made with rice in The Americas, other parts of the … Continue reading Horchata, Anyone?

How Do You Do Chicken & Rice?

Chicken and rice sounds like a specific meal request, right? In Southern Illinois, we are blessed with so many wonderful food choices that you may need to clarify your choice. Between brick and mortar sights and food trucks/carts, there are many ethnic variances on this classic dish. It seems pretty much every culture has some … Continue reading How Do You Do Chicken & Rice?