How Do You Do Chicken & Rice?

Chicken and rice sounds like a specific meal request, right? In Southern Illinois, we are blessed with so many wonderful food choices that you may need to clarify your choice. Between brick and mortar sights and food trucks/carts, there are many ethnic variances on this classic dish.

It seems pretty much every culture has some version of the meal. They may vary by cooking methods, sauces, spices, and sides. Below, you will see just a sampling of some of the wonderful local options for chicken and rice. What are your favorites?

As this is by far not a comprehensive list, I know there are other mouth-watering options out there. Please comment and let the rest of us know about them! Give your favorite locally-owned Southern Illinois eatery a shout out…

Above: Chicken Tiki Masala from India Delight in Marion

Above: Jerk chicken from Caribbean Hut in Cambria

Above: Mini chicken chimichangas from El Paisano in Carbondale

Above: Chicken Shawarma from Pita Alley in Carbondale

Above: A delicious plate from La Cocina Mexican Restaurant in Salem

Above: Hibachi Chicken from Fujiyama in Carbondale (they also have sites in Mt. Vernon and Effingham with a new site on the way in Marion.

My First Trip to Ali Asian Cuisine

Over Memorial Day Weekend, I had an opportunity to eat at Ali Asian Cuisine in Mt. Vernon. I was impressed at the size of the menu. Besides sushi, they offer Chinese, Japanese, and Thai options.

I went for the bento box with the teriyaki steak. Not only was it plated beautifully, the taste was wonderful. I am not sure what all went into the salad dressing, but it was a kicked up version of a honey mustard variety– I think. Perhaps it had some additional ginger root in it? While my all-time favorite dressing has been the French dressing from Salem Pizza Man for as long as I can remember, this stuff was pretty good.

The prices were also very reasonable. I must also point out for any “Friends” fans reading this that this place really does have UNAGI 🙂

Teriyaki Steak Bento Box




Cashew Chicken
Menu: The One with UNAGI