It’s That Time Again…

It's time again for the Southern Illinoisan's Reader's Choice Awards. Please make sure to support your favorite Southern Illinois businesses, services, and entertainment. A Slice of Southern Illinois would also appreciate your vote for "Best Local Website" in the Entertainment category. Please use the write in option if the website is not already listed on … Continue reading It’s That Time Again…

Watch “Christmas Eve Eve 2020: The One with the Last Minute Christmas Decor, Frugal and Dollar Tree DIY,…” on YouTube Check out clips from Christmas Light displays, local food, and more. Marion, Herrin, and Makanda areas are featured. There are also frugal DIY projects for home, outdoor, and the Christmas Tree. Grab a cup of hot cocoa or your beverage of choice and enjoy!

DIY Thoughtful and Unique Advent Calendar

National News has been dropping hints that merchandise may run out before Christmas. Only time will tell if that comes to pass. If commercial items become scarce, perhaps shopping local can help a bit. Regardless, you can still put together your own Advent calendar with local treats and experiences. It doesn't even have to be … Continue reading DIY Thoughtful and Unique Advent Calendar

So NOT Pumpkin Spice…

Fall is that magical time of year when pumpkin-spice everything appears long before the leaves even start changing colors. That's wonderful for those who like it, but maybe not so much for those who prefer apple cinnamon or mulled cider. In fact, some people may think pumpkins are pretty or cute but are not at … Continue reading So NOT Pumpkin Spice…

Changing Seasons

November is here. There is (sometimes) a chill in the air. People have been covering and bringing in plants in hopes of keeping them alive. Many leaves are changing colors and falling to the ground like yellow, green, brown, orange, and red confetti. We are in the midst of football and marching band weather. Above: … Continue reading Changing Seasons

Game Changer: Baked Rice

Game changer. Life changing. Food hack. Thing that makes life a bit easier. These all describe my feelings about learning that I could bake Rice. It can even be baked ahead in bulk and frozen or refrigerated for later use! That is a tremendous help for times that you want real food but don't have … Continue reading Game Changer: Baked Rice

Herbed Caccia e Pepe

This version of caccia e peppe, or cheese with pepper pasta, came about last spring when I had a lot of oregano that needed a trim. Above: oregano and lettuces growing in a repurposed box frame Below: freshly harvested oregano, mint, basil, and cilantro I also had a few tomatoes, Vidalia onions, and garlic. I … Continue reading Herbed Caccia e Pepe

A Summer Like No Other

As some may have noticed, my last post was at the beginning of summer, right before Memorial Day Weekend. It is now after Labor Day, and summer is gone... Fall is here (even if we can't always tell that it is by the weather.) On June 26, I fell in my bathroom, breaking a mirror … Continue reading A Summer Like No Other