Fireflies at Dusk

One of the simple pleasures of summer (I realize June 17th is technically not summer, but when it’s a sultry 100 degrees in the shade, it’s close enough) is watching the fireflies.

Fireflies, a.k.a. lightning bugs, are pretty amazing. Like tiny, flashing glowsticks, these cute little creatures can make the night sky seem a bit magical.

Growing up in the Tonti countryside, I remember chasing and watching them as a little girl. I’m pretty sure I pretended they were Tinkerbell a time or two. (I did finally see Tinkerbell “in person” on my Senior Band Trip to Florida…)

If you haven’t ever spent a peaceful evening in the country watching fireflies as the sunset fades into dark, you should. Birds and likely some other critters provide a tranquil soundtrack.

This video is just simply that–a few minutes of watching fireflies at Dusk in the country. Enjoy.

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