Loaded Carnitas Hashbrowns

How do you serve hashbrowns for dinner? I started with some smoked sea salt from GoGo Gourmet in Salem, achiote molido and oregano molido from Tienda Paisano in Carbondale, onion, mushrooms, sweet peppers, garlic, Italian Seasoning, and crushed red pepper in some EVOO.

Then I threw on some frozen country hashbrowns–my shortcut. Once they were nice and golden, some Italian blend cheese that needed to be used was melted onto the hashbrowns.

They were plated with Mexican crema, leftover carnitas ( last night,) avocado mash, and pico de gallo…

Super easy dinner since I already had the carnitas, avocado mash, and pico de gallo in the fridge 😀 #easydinner #hashbrown #carnitas #loadedhashbrowns #smokedseasalt #asliceofsouthernillinois #tastesofsouthernillinois #GoGoGourmet #Salem #TiendaPaisano #carbondale #shoplocal #loadedcarnitashashbrown #avocado #picodegallo #achiote https://www.instagram.com/p/B-RDfSYJeeY/?igshid=o4hmpl6r0tlm

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