A Taste of Colonial Southern Illinois

     What do Mother Goose, cannons, rockin’ bagpipe music, and Indian Fry Bread have in common? They were all part of the October 2016 Fort Massac Encampment at Metropolis. 

     As a kid, my family made trips to the festival on many years to see the action. I still remember proudly wearing a little seashell ring and a hematite ring that were souvenirs from the vendor area–a Colonial mall of sorts. My brother, who went with me, reminded me that we also used to walk along the Ohio River by the fort to look for seashells. 

Have you heard of Taste of Chicago? Well, there were so many food choices that this was somewhat of a Taste of Colonial Southern Illinois. Not only could you taste things cooked on an open fire, but you could smell fresh herbs and spices while listening to the fifes and drums. 

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