Food Truck & Street Cart Links

Website and social media links have been included for those with both. Many will update their schedule and last minute locations on their Facebook page only but may have their menu on their website.

A & J’s Ice Cream Homemade ice cream in a variety of flavors typically set up in the Odin area

Chaddy Daddy’s BBQ

Fat Frank’s Hot Dogs & More

They are usually in the Marion Menard’s parking lot (next door to Rent One Ball Park)

Haute Wheels Food Truck

Hoggy’s Southern BBQ

La Rana Grill

Let’s Beef Frank Chicago Style Hot Dogs and More

They are usually in Marion parked near Little Caesar’s/Just One More/Rural King off of DeYoung (Rt. 13)

Rollin’ Grill

Say Cheese


–Salem, Rt. 50 by East Side Pools and Spas

The Hangry Hut

The Little Red Kitchen

The Weenie Wagon Often set up in Alma.

Winston’s Bagels by B-Rad.

Hot, Fresh, Delicious Bagels!!!!